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The Burk Donor Survey
Where Philanthropy is Headed in 2013
- by Penelope Burk (US Edition)


What a difference a decade makes! Penelope Burk took the fundraising industry by storm in 2003 with Donor-Centered Fundraising, her breakthrough philosophy for keeping donors loyal and raising much more money.

But life never stands still. In the last ten years, donors (and fundraisers) have survived financial turmoil, transitioned to a global economy and adapted to technological change.

In her just-released 2013 Burk Donor Survey, Penelope reveals what 25,000 donors say would unleash their philanthropy at a new level. The Burk Report is full of exciting evidence to help fundraisers be donor-centered in changing times.

The 2013 Burk Donor Survey covers:

  • what inspired some donors to give more than others last year and how fundraisers can use this information to shape year-end appeals
  • what makes thank you letters stand out and how great ones inspire loyalty and more generous giving
  • transitioning from print to electronic communication -- how long will it take and will print still play a meaningful role
  • publishing donors' names and whether it's worth the staff time and budget
  • whether paid membership programs impede or enhance fundraising
  • see more...
The 2013 Burk Donor Survey updates all of Penelope's original Donor-Centered research, but goes further -- investigating donors' reaction to new communications technologies and explaining why donors' giving patterns are changing. As well, the Survey compares young, middle-age and older donors on issues critical to fundraising success.
  • 94 Pages
  • 130 survey questions and answers
  • 49 graphs and charts
  • 60 practical recommendations
  • 100+ thought-provoking quotes from donors
  • compelling narrative by author and fundraising expert, Penelope Burk
  • evidence-based information to help decision-makers make the best use of talent and resources
  • PLUS how donors gave last year and which donors are most likely to give more in 2013 -- important information for year-end fundraising

"I am always uncertain about how much to give because I worry about potential needs my family or I will have. The unexpected nature of life makes it difficult to plan. However, if I received information about what my previous gift(s) supported directly and the progress made as a result, that would inspire me to give more in spite of life's uncertainty."

- Donor Respondent, Burk Donor Survey 2013

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2013 Burk Donor Survey

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